Change zoom-speed for two-finger-pinch?


when using a Cesium Viewport in a mobile browser, one can zoom in and out with the two-finger-pinch. Is there any way to change the amount of zooming? At the moment, it feels a bit slow. This is not a performance issue, it is just the translation of the "pinch-amount" to the zoom-amount.



I think you can configure this with the defaultZoomAmount:

Let me know if that works. For reference, this is the class that handles the camera user input logic:

I tried different values but could not see any difference in the behaviour.

I was wrong - looks like it’s a private property you need to change:

viewer.scene.screenSpaceCameraController._zoomFactor = 8; // defaults to 5


It’s defined in the top of the class here:

I opened a feature request to officially expose this here:

Thanks for bringing this up!

Yeah, this fixes the issue :slight_smile: