How can I change the zoom step length

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I want to change the zoom step length, eg: when my mouse wheel scroll once, camera’s height minus 100km.

**Is there a way to modify the step size of the scroll wheel? mouse ****wheel scroll once, camera’s height minus 50km. **I watched the Cesium.ScreenSpaceCameraController class, but there seems to be no way to change this.

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Good question! Looks like it’s currently a private variable in ScreenSpaceCameraController:

You can see how the zoomFactor is used and how it changes as you get closer to the surface here:

Modifying private properties isn’t recommended since the API for those might change in the future, but it could be a quick hack to allow you to control the speed. An even better solution would be to modify the class to make the property public, documenting it and making a contribution to Cesium! It should be a straightforward enough change. Check out the contributing guide here (