Changing levels taking too much time on Android when Cesium3DTileset t object is loading tiles version 1.18

If we change level to another level while Cesium is loading a map, it takes too much time to unload the level which has the Cesium3DTileset object. This happens only on Android, on Windows it’s fast. Seems like it might be a heavy process - is there any way to improve this on your end or ours? Do we have to do something before changing the level so the Cesium3DTileset can stop loading the Tileset?

This was fixed in v1.19.0. See the v1.19.0 → Fixes section of the changelog.

Improved the tile destruction sequence by allowing it to defer being destroyed to future frames if it is waiting on asynchronous work to finish. Previously we would essentially block the main thread waiting for tiles to become ready for destruction.