there’s been some previous discussion about CityGML support, but I might have a twist on the subject.

We’re working on CityGML related data and would like a web interface for viewing the buildings in 3D - Cesium would be a likely candidate, however there is no direct CityGML support.

The question is, is anyone working on a CityGmlDataSource? If not, I could get the ball rolling and start work on it.

-Regards, Samu

Hello Samu,

I haven’t heard of anyone working on a CityGmlDataSource. If you are interested in implementing one, we’d love the contribution!

We have documentation to help out contributors here:

The BuildGuide includes instructions for getting and building the code.

Let me know if you have any questions!



thanks for the info.

I’ll post an update once I’m getting somewhere.


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