Hello, I have two files in cesium ion, one is a kml file and another is a 3d tile file, what I want is to put them together, but the next thing you see in the image happens, I would like to know how to clamptoGround the KML file on the 3d model, does anyone know how to achieve that or have an idea?

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Clamping your entities to ground should be sufficient, here’s an example where a line from a CZML is clamped to 3D Tiles:

The only additional thing for KML is that, in addition to the entities in the KML file itself having clampToGround, you must set clampToGround: true when loading it in CesiumJS:

Let me know if this works.

It didn’t work, it still looks the same, and I’ve already added the clampToGround: True

Can you share a Sandcastle example I can run showing the issue?


As far as I can tell, the lines in the original KML need to have the right altitude mode set (to clamp to ground). Here’s a Sandcastle that will override this setting to always clamp all the lines.

This dataset looks very cool! What kind of project are you working on with Cesium?

**Hello, a while ago you helped me as some 3D tiles, do you think that now this 3D  ****Cesium.IonResource.fromAssetId(8403)** **tile can still be pasted to the floor and put this id clamp to grouound on the 3d model**

Can you share a Sandcaslte of your asset here?

Yes, this is the Cesium Sandcastle

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience, I have already put my cesium sandcastle where I put my 3d model to clamp to ground to the ground, but it seems that the Z coordinate does not work

Hello @Erubey_Martinez,
I saw your 3D tiles model in the sandcastle and it looks pretty cool ! I was wondering how you generated the 3D Tiles files (as there seem to be very few tools to generate them properly)?