KML+DAE to 3D Tiles with Cesium Ion: clamp to ground?


**I have a pile of over 8k KML+DAE files of buildings that I created by exporting multipatch features from ArcGIS Pro. I can upload these to Ion and it creates a single Cesium 3D Tiles tileset from them, which is totally awesome. **:exploding_head:

The problem is, the KML files all specify zero height, and the generated tileset has them directly on the ellipsoid even if I choose to clamp to Cesium World Terrain in the UI (shown here with just a single building instead of all of them):

I’ve tried various tweaks to the KML files, but can’t get clamping to happen. The Altitude in the KML is honored, so I could do it manually, but I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. Any ideas?

I’m happy to (privately) provide one of the buildings if it helps to reproduce the problem.

Unrelated note while I have you: with 8k files, it’s necessary to upload them to Ion by dragging/dropping their directory into the Ion UI. If I click Browse and multiselect them all, they never (in the time I’ve been willing to wait) appear in the Ion UI.



Kevin, if you could provide one of the files, we’ll look at it ASAP. This is definitely something that should work with any KML but KML itself can be a fickle beast.

Thanks for the heads up on the 8000 multi select problem, I assume this may be a browser limitation but hopefully something we can mitigate or fix.

Thanks, I’ve send it to you privately.

Thanks Kevin, this is now fixed. Please let me know if you’re still having issues.