Clip terrain under 3d tile

Hello folks,

I have a photogrammetry 3d tileset of a mountain/cliff that I would like to overlay on top of the default world terrain. When it is placed correctly, it is almost perfect but there are portions of the default world terrain that pokes above the tileset. I have a bunch of different tilesets so I would like to find a programmatic way to cover the world terrain when it is “under” the tileset.

I have tried placing black colored planes underneath the tileset using the bounding volume/circle of tiles but it is too coarse which leaves big black areas around the tileset.

Is there a way to generate a globe clipping plane based on where the tileset is actually located? or am I going about this all wrong?

Thank you!

Hi jin,

It’s possible to use clipping planes to do this, however you will need to position those fairly manually.

We are currently looking into using geometry primitives to define area for clipping. That will likely land sometime in January.


Hi @Gabby_Getz , any update on this?

Any updates on this? Looking to start using this when its implemented!

Hi @tutotamto and @jinpark,

Thanks for the interest! We have a draft PR open for this feature. We’d love to hear any feedback you may have.

At this point, I’d expect the feature to go out with the March 1 release.