cloudmade tiles

I've been trying to get Cloudmade tiles to work in Cesium but have run into cross-origin errors (Cross-origin image load denied by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy. ) both in my local dev server and in the Cesium sandcastle. Other OSM tile sources (Mapbox, OSM) and TMS tiles have worked fine for me. It seems to be specific to Cloudmade.

This is what I'm trying in the Cesium sandbox

If cloudmade does not have the CORS flag set, you need to go through a proxy to make it work. The Cesium website does not have in it’s proxy list of allowed hosts (maybe it should), so you would need to use your own.

If you’re running with a local Cesium development server, it’s easy to add to do this yourself. If you’re just using Sandbox on, then it’s not as straightforward. Let me know and I’ll try to help you out.


I checked, and indeed CloudMade doesn’t include the CORS headers in their tile responses, which is more than a little surprising considering their business. A little googling turned up other people complaining about this. You should consider filing an issue with them.

The CORS requirement is imposed by WebGL; it’s not something we have any control over within Cesium. However, it’s possible to use a proxy server as a workaround, as Matt described.