Coloring CESIUM_primitive_outline of b3dm buildings


i would like to ask if it is possible to define a declarative Style for coloring the outlines of 3D buildings (in this example Cesium Sandcastle)

thanks in advance,



Thank you for your question! I recommend checking out our Styling and Filtering 3D Tiles tutorial.

This should help you get started with defining styling constraints for a 3D Tileset. Reading our 3D Tile styling documentation would also be helpful. Here is a link:

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!


Thank Sam, I check the tutorial and documentation. But i didn’t find any information to answer my question. All examples there are for styling building surfaces, not the outlines. Does it means the styling on outlines is not possible?


I really appreciate that you took the time to look through the resources that I shared. Upon further investigation, I believe that you are correct.

Our API allows users to toggle building outlines on and off but we do not support styling the outlines. I wonder if creating a custom shader would be a potential workaround here.