Outlines for the 3D tileset building edges as like OSM tileset buildings

Hi Team,

I have multi floor buildings data which is in 3D tiles format(screenshot attached), now i want to have building outline edges floorwise as like OSM buildings tileset have. I tried using silhouette but that is not working for every edge of the building.

Is it possible to add outline edges before publishing to ion as pre processing as like OSM buildings tileset. I also gone through the link( glTF/extensions/2.0/Vendor/CESIUM_primitive_outline at master · KhronosGroup/glTF · GitHub) for CESIUM_primitive_outline but i did not understand how to do it.

Or can it be done post processing at the client end as like silhouette?

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to add outlines to your own 3D tileset. This feature is requested and discussed here.

The link you included in your post (glTF/extensions/2.0/Vendor/CESIUM_primitive_outline at master · KhronosGroup/glTF · GitHub) is actually for glTF models. You can add outlines to a glTF building model by including CESIUM_primitive_outline as an extension.

Thanks dzung… I can see the outline edges in different color for OSM buildings tileset(Cesium ion), how it is possible in this case. is it happened in the preprocessing stage? if so how can we do that?