Cesium primitive outline extension

Hi team,

I have tried the Cesium primitive outline extension on glTF to show the edges of the triangle mesh of the 3D model.

However, the outlined edges are not shown as the same as ones when we open the edited glTF in the 3D Viewer(Windows app)

Viewed in 3D Viewer

Viewed in Cesium Viewer. (This is uploaded as glTF to Cesium ION, not 3D Tileset)
There are multiple missing edges in the viewer.

Thanks for the support in advance.

There might be a misunderstanding about what this extension is intended for. When you say

show the edges of the triangle mesh

then it sounds like you are looking for something that is actually a “wireframe” rendering. But the CESIUM_primitive_outline extension is actually intended for highlighting/showing specifc edges of the triangle mesh (not all of them). Maybe the example at https://github.com/CesiumGS/3d-tiles-samples/tree/main/glTF/CESIUM_primitive_outline/BoxPrimitiveOutline#data-structure helps to illustrate that.

So… do you want a “wireframe” rendering, or actually highlight specific edges in the mesh?

Hi @Marco13 ,
My apologies for not being clear enough. Thanks for elaborating on it.
My goal is to show the edges and the triangle surface.
Therefore, if my understanding is correct, wireframe only shows the edges excluding the surfaces, which is not my case.

However, if we can visualize the surface at the same time showing with the edges that is being visualized by the wireframe, my goal is achieved.

Based on my research, the debugWireframe property of the Model.fromGltfAsync function seems to be one that can make the wireframe enable for debug purpose.

Furthermore, the debugWireframe is also unstable referred to the post in 2018.

How do you the “wireframe” rendering while showing the solid surface as well?