About 3dtile rendering mode

Whether cesium 3dtile supports the rendering effect shown in Figure 2, Figure 1 is the original display effect.

The order of the two pictures has been changed.

I think having a wireframe mode like that would be useful. There is a wireframe debug option in the inspector:


Click on “Display” and then “Wireframe”. Can you post a screenshot of what your tileset looks like with this view? I expect this would display every line in the mesh, whereas it looks like you’re hoping to render just the edges of the shapes?

yes, I hoping to render just the edges of the shapes!


Yeah I think the closest thing is the silhouette post process, which is more of an outline than edge rendering. You can see it in these two code examples:



Your best bet may be to create a version of the model that is only edges, and then tile that to 3D Tiles. I know for example Blender has a way of generating these edges (see https://blender.stackexchange.com/a/196) and perhaps you can export that.

It might be nice to be able to render this as a post process effect on the model itself in CesiumJS in the future.