Coloring tilesets based on raster imagery


I was wondering if there was a way that I could color/blend 3d tilesets based on external raster imagery somehow?

My use case is as follows: we are currently rendering a cesium 3d tileset and we have external 2D raster imagery that acts as a mask. I’d like to color the tileset based on the mask.

Is it possible to do this through the post processing shader? Could I pass the raster imagery as a texture to perform the coloring?

Thank you,

Hi Anu,

Your question is similar to this post: Textures for 3D Tileset objects. Please see Omar’s suggestion.

Please follow up if that didn’t work for you!

Hi, I have a very similar question as Anu. However my use differs from your provided example in that the surface I’d like to texture is vertical and round, so I’d like to transform each of the points on the model into polar coordinates and then texture them based on an image.

I’ve tried to use PostProcessingStage but am having trouble passing the image as an input and getting the model coordinates within the fragmentshader.