Colors not showing up in .las file


I’ve imported a .las file into the assets, it’s looking fine, however, I am unable to see the colors as those displayed in QGIS. Could this be attributed to a formatting problem? I would greatly appreciate any assistance provided.

@idris7 Can you please provide the asset id of the Cesium ion upload so I can take a look at the data?

We support RGB colors in las data, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work in ion unless there is something unique about this data we haven’t encountered before.

Is it possible QGIS is also performing some sort of default styling?



I just checked the QGIS, they are not doing any default styling.


I apologize that you are seeing an issue here. It seems as though QGIS does provide some default styling if there is none provided based on the Z attribute. Look here for more information on QGIS styling for point cloud data: 20. Working with Point Clouds — QGIS Documentation documentation.

If you would like to replicate this type of color information in Cesium ion, you can follow our docs on styling for point clouds: Styling and Filtering 3D Tiles – Cesium.
Here is also a SandCastle example of color styling performed for point cloud data: Cesium Sandcastle

If you are still seeing issues or need any other help please reach out again.


As a follow up and for completeness and transparency, I downloaded the asset and ran it with lasinfo: lasinfo —

And ran it with the command ./lasinfo nameofyourfile

This will give you a lot of information about the file but the following screenshot of the output shows that there isn’t any color information on the file.



Thanks, Ankit. Yes, I see there’s no rgb information in that .las file.