Inconsistent results when uploading .las files to Cesium Ion


I’ve been experiencing some very inconsistent results when uploading .las files to Cesium Ion the past few days. It used to be that I could reproject my .las to to WGS84 using FME, upload them to Ion and they’d just show up where I expect them to. A few days ago this seems to have stopped working. I tried reprojecting to EPSG:3857, but that didn’t work either. For some files it was just the positioning that was wrong and I could set their coordinate manually, but now for many the scale and rotation also seems to be off. Has anybody else noticed this?


Hey Dag,

We did recently update some of our dependencies in the 3D Tiling pipeline that might have changed some behavior. Can you give me one or two of the asset IDs for the point clouds that are showing up in the wrong location or with the wrong scale/orientation? And I’ll look into that to see if it’s a bug.