Come to the Cesium BOF

The Cesium BOF at SIGGRAPH is coming up July 26. This is an event you do not want to miss! We have a phenomenal lineup of speakers this year:

  • Patrick Cozzi will be giving the Cesium State of the Union address
  • Ralf Gutbell of Fraunhofer will speak on Visualization of Geoinformation
  • Chris Cooper of Propeller will talk about Making Drone Data Useful in Cesium
  • Makai Smith of Bentley will speak about Publishing Reality Meshes to Web from Bentley ContextCapture using Cesium 3D Tiles
  • Gary Li of Cesium will cover Baking AO in the glTF Pipeline
  • Ed Mackey of AGI will talk about Visualizing Geostationary Satellite Orbits in Cesium

Get the full details on our blog: