Comparing Google Earth to Cesium

Hello all,

I am comparing Google Earth to Cesium.
I want to find out things that are supported in Google Earth, but not supported in Cesium.
Also things that are supported in Cesium, but not supported in Google Earth.

Does someone know a good place to start?
Is there something that describes the features supported in Cesium?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Steven,

Start with the Cesium features page:

It is not completely up-to-date, so also checkout all the Sandcastle examples to get a better idea of all of Cesium’s features:

A few general points:

  • Cesium runs in a web browser without a plugin, including on many Android devices

  • Cesium has a full API. Google Earth has a very limited COM API. Most apps generate KML files as a workaround

  • Cesium has first-class support for time-dynamic visualization, e.g., interpolation, fixed-ICRF transform, careful treatment of details like leap seconds, …

  • Cesium is a new, peer-reviewed code-base with well over 90% code coverage from unit tests

  • Cesium is open-source

  • Both have been used to track Santa. Only Cesium did it without a plugin

If you can tell us more about what you are working on, we can give you more focused points. Will you be able to share your comparison?


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the reply.

The project I am working on focuses on scientific data visualization.

I don’t think I can share the whole report, but I will be happy to share some key points once I am done. Sorry about that.

Hi Steven,

Have you completed this scientific data visualization project? I'm working with Patrick Cozzi on collecting showcases for the Cesium website: Your project sounds like it could might be a good fit for us. Would you be interested posting a demo on our site?