Compatability with Cesium Functions in WorldScape

Hello, it’s really nice to be here as I have known about Cesium for some years now. I have utilized Unreal plugins for gravity such as MGT and have worked on personal logic to create planetary/spherical navmeshing. I wanted to test out a couple of functions and figured I would use the forum to see its feasibility if possible:

Is it possible to integrate these components from Cesium: Gravity, Navmeshing, and the rotation fix for locomotion (where characters and cameras rotate based on gravity implemented to a characters BP), and place them into a different planet creation plugin/tool such as WorldScape? I understand that Cesium for Unreal is C++ Source available so there I wonder if there is a solution in that regard to have these components/features interact with third party planet creation tools? It would be nice to know if there is an ease to transfer these features through components to a third party tool with some level of tweaking for integration as I am curious to see what is possible.

I ask mainly out of curiosity and viability as my intention to use Cesium currently is in these very unique features you offer and I do not have a current need for the Cesium planets or Google satellite meshes or data.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back about this topic.

  • Chim