Compiling cesium unreal dev

Hello community! H cant compile cesium unreal dev folowed this instruction cesium-unreal/ at ue5-main · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub
have lot of errors about “LogCompile: Error: Type ‘double’ is not supported by blueprint”
help me please!

Hi @Oles_Baranovskyi,

It looks like you’re trying to compile the UE5 version of Cesium for Unreal against UE4. For UE4, use this branch:


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Thak you so mutch for response, i will try

All work, thanks!

@Kevin_Ring Sorry, one more question) does that branch “GitHub - CesiumGS/cesium-unreal at pnts” should compile without errors, or that branch non-working? cause i have some errors

I think it will work, but only if you use the exact version of cesium-native that that branch is designed to use. It’s months old at this point. Try running git submodule update --init --recursive and then rebuild cesium-native.


Thanks for the response, now it compile succesfull