Compiling error for cesium for ue5-main(5.3)

Well, I’ve been trying to compile (by following this tutorial) for ue5-main because I get the best quality and performance for VR in 5.3. Since I have poor knowledge for programming I don’t thow what to change or replace here but it looks somewhat easy? Thanks in advance.

Error images below;


Do you really mean 5.3? 5.2 isn’t even officially released, yet.

yup. and its actually more stable than 5.2 preview. no kidding.

Well, the Cesium team certainly can’t dedicate development resources to a moving-target, pre-release build like that. If you find solutions, though, we’re happy to accept reasonable pull requests for them (as long as they don’t break other versions, of course).

Kevin is correct - 5.3 doesn’t exist yet, not even 6 weeks later. At some point in time, a 5.3 branch will be made and some features from the ue5-main branch added to it, made stable, then it released. It would indeed be crazy at this stage for Cesium to assume this code will be in 5.3 and make backward compatible modifications.

That said, I’m using the ue5-main state from a few weeks ago and there are only a few breaking changes that I needed to fix. I can confirm Google 3d tilesets are coming through fine if anyone is pondering doing the same.

I won’t PR them because of the moving target aspect, and I’ve just done things in a way to get things going rather than understanding the true consequences of my changes,