Convert world to use NED, or NED-like local reference frame

I know Cesium uses an ENU reference frame. We’re working with a NED reference frame in another plugin and this is causing a lot of issues. Would it be possible to convert to a NED reference frame?

We found a temporary solution which is to rotate the CesiumWorldTerrain 90° clockwise. This works great in terms of our other plugin, but is a serious issue if we want to use anything connected to the CesiumGeoreference. Like placing an object at a specific location on the terrain, it wouldn’t quite work.

Has anybody handled this before?

The CesiumGeoreference creates a coordinate system that is East (X), South (Y), Up (Z) in Unreal’s left-handed coordinate system. I’m somewhat surprised North-East-Down would be useful in Unreal Engine, because Unreal’s gravity is always (AFAIK) in the -Z direction. I guess if you’re not using gravity then it doesn’t matter…

In any case, there’s no built-in method to make Cesium for Unreal use an alternate coordinate system at the Georeference position. Your best bet is likely to modify CesiumGeoreference and GeoTransforms to do what you want, and build a custom version of the plugin.