How to convert rotation from ECEF to Unreal

Hi, I am working on a UE5 project related to satellites and payloads.
I have a big trouble… I need to update the position and rotation of the satellite and payload, but I can only get the rotation quaternion of ECEF (from the server), I found that in Cesium for unreal, it seems possible to use CesiumGeoreference, but I found that it only has East North Up to Unreal (without ECEF to Unreal).
My question is: Can this function (or BP node) be used for ECEF rotation to Unreal rotation? Or are there other functions?
Many thanks.

This gets much easier in the v2.0 preview we just released. You can simply add a CesiumGlobeAnchorComponent to your object and then call the SetEarthCenteredEarthFixedRotation method on it.

I think in v1.31.1 you would need to write some C++ code to do it manually.

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Thanks, I tried the v2.0 preview and it looks pretty good.
By the way, does Cesium for Unreal 2.0 preview only support UE 5.1 or above? Is there a way to support UE 5.0.3? (I put the 5.1 version of v2.0 preview ( into UE 5.0.3 for testing, looks fine.)

Yes, Cesium for Unreal v2.0 will only support UE 5.1+. In general, new versions of Cesium for Unreal will only support the three most recent Unreal Engine versions. This is partially because the Unreal Marketplace forbids us from publishing new plugin versions targeting any older releases, and partially because supporting a large number of engine versions imposes a significant maintenance and testing burden on us.

Got it, thanks again.