Transforming Right Hand Rotators to Cesium Unreal Rotators

Hi all,

As background, I am currently building a satellite simulation application using Cesium in UE4 and have been stumped with the following issue. For a particular satellite, we have a known position in Earth-Centred Earth-Fixed (ECEF) coordinates and a rotation in standard Right Hand Coordinates. We have been able to transform the ECEF to UE in Cesium and get the correct location of the satellite, however we have not been able to get the correct rotation of the satellite.

In my understanding, UE4 uses the Left Hand Coordinate System, as opposed to the standard physics system. I am also aware of the TransformRotatorEnuToUe function that exists on the Georeference class, however simply passing through the current UE Position and RH Rotation does not yield the correct rotation.

Anyone got any advice or knowledge on how to get the correct rotation of an object in reference with Cesium?

Thanks in advance,

This appears to be related to (or maybe even the same) as Euler rotation conversion , right? There is a suggested solution, but it appears to be a bit cumbersome, and should be easier with Cesium For Unreal alone. It would be great if you could describe the expected and actual results for your case, pointing out in how far the rotation is not correct. Maybe a cleaner, simpler solution can be derived from that.