Correct way to "wait" for Transform to be ready


I am having problems trying to use Cesium.Transforms.computeFixedToIcrfMatrix since it is returning undefined. I know the docs say “This function may return undefined if the data necessary to do the transformation is not yet loaded.” but i need to know what data necessary to the transformation is needed.

I need to wait this to return a value in order to show an entity properly.

What is the correct way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @MarioPerezDev, have you looked at Transforms.preloadIcrfFixed? This method returns a Promise which you can wait for.

// Construct a TimeInterval containing the date of the desired matrix
await Transforms.preloadIcrfFixed(timeInterval);
const fixedToIcrfMatrix = Transforms.computeFixedToIcrfMatrix(date);

That is what i thought, but it resolves incorrectly according to this issue, which i read after struggling with it: