Creating a new material

hi there , is there and option to create my own material
like " new MyNewMaterialProperty"

but out side of cesium and implement in one of the classes.

im using resium and created my own component and i want to create my own SomethingGraphics and materialProperty .

Hi there,

I’m not sure how this would work going through resium, but you can extend CesiumJS classes with your own. For an example of how to do this, ImageryProvider.js is a base class which GridImageryProvider.js, BingMapsImageryProvider.js, and other imagery provider classes extend.


ok and how to I connect it to Material?

cause in Scene/material.js

its getting initialized there with

Material.SomethingType = “MySome
​Material​.​_materialCache​.​addMaterial​(​Material​.​SomethingType​,​ ​{
​ ​fabric​: ​{
​ ​type​: ​Material​.​SomethingType​,
​ ​uniforms​: ​{
​ ​color​: ​new​ ​Color​(​1.0​,​ ​1.0​,​ ​1.0​,​ ​1.0​)​,
​ ​}​,
​ ​source​: MyNewMaterial​,
​ ​}​,
​ ​translucent​: ​true​,

how I can initialize it from out side the module

The Fabric Schema goes more into depth on custom materials. Does that answer your question?