credit container and vrButton in vr mode

I've been implementing VR via the VRButton module and I noticed that in VR, the creditContainer has visibility set to hidden.

Are there special requirements regarding credits in VR mode?

I've also noticed that credits and vrButton are only active on a single element.
When in VR mode, I duplicate the elements, so they are visible in both eyes.
I can do a patch for this, unless this was an intentional design decision that maybe I don't understand.


Hi Pete,

I believe this is an intentional design choice – we hide all screenspace elements in VR mode to avoid disrupting the VR experience. Generally speaking, non-diegetic UI elements (UI elements that aren’t integrated into the scene, like a floating HUD) are a bad idea in VR and can make users sick.

Thank you very much for your offer of a patch though! If you’re interested in contributing anything else to our VR mode, we’d be happy to offer support. In fact, this is a rather larger project, but we’re interested in getting Cesium support for other headsets, eg. Oculus Rift or Vive. If you’re looking for a fun VR project, getting WebVR into Cesium would be an super interesting and impactful project!


  • Rachel