Cesium 1.18 release

Hello! I’m starting the 1.18 release process and it will be available later today.



Cesium 1.18 is now available: http://cesiumjs.org/downloads.html


  • Added VRButton which is a simple, single-button widget that toggles VR mode. It is off by default. To enable the button, set the vrButton option to Viewer to true. Only Cardboard for mobile is supported. More VR devices will be supported when the WebVR API is more stable.
    Oooh, thank you for giving me a reason to dust off my cardboard headset :slight_smile:
  • Jackie

Hi Hannah,

The blog says: “Reduced the amount of CPU memory used by terrain by ~25% in Chrome”.
Does that mean this reduction does not apply to IE11, or is it less / not measured?

Thanks, Willem

Hi Willem,

We saw a consistent reduction of ~25% in Chrome. In Firefox and IE, we couldn’t get a consistent measurement. It was anywhere from no reduction to ~10%. It seemed dependent on when the GC would kick in.