Crop 3D tileset and make it draggable


Is there any way i can crop part of the rendered 3D tileset with b3dm files, in a way that the selected region gets distinct from the original tileset and i can drag around on the map itself.


I’m not sure what exactly is required in drag function, but for the highlighted or isolated region I would suggest Classification or Inverse Classification.

Could you describe a bit more about the drag function?


The solutions you proposed are quite relevant to my goals. However, i wanted to know if i will be able to crop 3dTileset without having classified tileset based on clipping plane implementation, such as discussed in Creating a Section Box from Clipping Planes
also if geometry shader can play a role in segregating 3dtileset to create complex cuts.

Basically the drag function is to be able to select individual segregated part of 3d tileset and move around using mouse movement in 3d space.

Your feedback would be highly appreciated in this regard.