cullingVolume computeVisibility dont compute a non czml data

i am trying to determine if the entity is inside or outside of the camera view
and i saw an example with czml data and datasource but i dont use them in my case
is there any way to determine it or it is a bug ?

the boundingsphere i pass here is
const sphere = new BoundingSphere(cartesian3);

the problem i am having there is when i call it in a function ( Reactive )
its always sends -1 Outside
but only if i use it directly only on first render its sends 1
then if i update position and the entity still in the view its returning -1

here is a code snippet of what i try

  try {
    if (viewer) {
      const { camera, scene } = viewer;

      if (!scene.renderError) {
        console.log('Scene render incomplete');

      const { frustum } = camera;
      const cullingVolume = frustum?.computeCullingVolume(camera.positionWC, camera.directionWC, camera.upWC);

      if (!cullingVolume) {
        console.log('Culling volume not available');
        return false;
      const visibility = cullingVolume.computeVisibility(sphere);

      console.log('Visibility:', visibility);

      return visibility === Intersect.INSIDE;

    console.log('Viewer not available');
    return false;
  } catch (e) {
    console.log('Error:', e);
    return false;