How to check if a primitive entity (ie. an airplane model .gltf file) is outside the Viewer/Scene?


I have one model (an airplane) loaded inside the Cesium 3D globe. I am programmatically changing the position/location of the model using (lng, lat, alt, heading, pitch, roll) and at some point the model is going beyond the Viewer's/Scene's boundary.

My question is, how can I determine if my model is already outside the bounds of the viewer or scene?

My idea is that, I would just have to change the camera's position if the model (entity) is no longer visible. So I'm looking at some utility functions that will help me do that.



Just wanted to follow-up on this. Basically for any Entity (e.g Model, Point, etc.), I need to know if that entity is within the Camera’s view (boundary).


Hello Lionel,

Sorry no one ever responded to your question. I don’t think there is anything currently built into Cesium to detect which entities are in the camera view.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.