testing for camera position

Hi all,

**I want to toggle the visibility of an entity so it only displays when the camera is above a certain altitude (I have a very large polygon I want to use for an aerial view, but I don’t want it cluttering the field of view when the camera is closest to the ground). What would be the best way to do that? Would I need to use an ontick function, or is there a less memory-intensive way of testing for that condition? **

If you’re only checking for a single entity’s location/distance to camera, I think it would be fine to do it on an onTick and shouldn’t have a noticable impact on your application.

If you are doing a lot of computation, you can make sure it only happens when the camera moves by putting it on the camera changed event like this Sandcastle does: https://sandcastle.cesium.com/index.html?src=Multiple%20Synced%20Views.html