Just curious, is there any plan to support a CurvePolygon in Cesium? By that I mean, a polygon having arc segments, where an arc segment is a segment of a circle having 3 points (beginning, end, and mid point).

Thank you

Hello Tom,

I don’t know of any plans to support this type. What is your use case for a curve polygon?



The use case is for ease of manually drawing areas that need to surround a point. For example, the boundary of a protected zone must be X miles away from a tower, building, or event. It's easy to grab a point and drag it away to increase the circle size. I know Cesium does not support manually drawing, but it would be good if the underlying geometry could be a CurvePolygon, which is supported (somewhat) by postGIS, geoTools, WKT, others... Openlayers does not support it natively, but Openlayers use SVG under the hood, and SVG does support arc segments, so Openlayers can be modified to draw CurvePolygon, but it ain't easy.

The problem is that on most 2D projections, the arc does not project well, and gives a false impression that a line passes over things that it really does not.