Make arc/curve with coordinates

Hi Cesium community

I have a query on adding arc lines to the 3d map.

Let me explain my question. I have 3 points A,B and C like in the above picture. What I’m doing right now is drawing a polyline with these 3 points using
myEntity.polyline.positions = Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegreesArrayHeights([A.longitude, A.latitude, A.height, B.longitude, B.latitude, B.height, C.longitude, C.latitude, C.height]);

I’m updating this polyline with live coordinates. I have the BLACK color polyline in the above picture. I want to make a arc or curve instead of this polyline like the RED color arc. Is there any packages to do this like great circle arc. Please help me out

Hello @harshad_P_P

Please see the question and answer here Need Curve For Polyline.

Here is the sandcastle Cesium Sandcastle.

Some splines to try are Catmull-Rom, Hermite, Quaternion. Let us know which works best for you.