Custom DEM tileset from S3

We’re using Cesium ion to convert buildings in kml format to 3D tiles format. We want the resulting 3D tiles to use the same elevation data we’re using in our application (so that buildings are placed correctly onto the terrain in our app). We essentially want to use a DEM different from “Cesium World Terrain” which is available by default.

Specifically, we need to use this tileset: Terrain Tiles - Registry of Open Data on AWS
GeoTIFF tiles are accessible from S3 like this: s3://elevation-tiles-prod/geotiff/0/0/0.tif
(also avalible through http:

So I’ve tried to create a new asset of type “Raster terrain” with these settings:

This didn’t work, there’s this error which doesn’t really tell anything specific:

Is there any way to make this specific DEM work with Cesium ion? Thanks in advance.


The dataset you have linked to seems to have an unsigned access to S3. Unfortunately, currently we don’t have support for this kind of uploads and we only support signed uploads from S3. As a workaround you could download the entire dataset locally and upload that to Cesium ion to tile. I have also created an internal feature request for the team to look into implementing this in our roadmap.


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