About the elevation data loading problem

I want to load only image data, not elevation data, so that the ground has no ups and downs, can it be achieved?

There is currently no built-in way to do this. Here’s the issue describing it:

The workaround right now is to upload a GeoTIFF full of all zeros to Cesium ion as terrain. That will give you a smooth globe.

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Thank you for your answer. Can the data in this format be processed into 3dtile data? If it is placed in the LAN environment, will it occupy a lot of hard disk capacity

What data, in what format? I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask.

upload a GeoTIFF full of all zeros to Cesium ion as terrain.You talked about it earlier.It can only be uploaded to Cesium ion?How to use offline in LAN

You can download processed tilesets from Cesium ion. You don’t need a high-resolution GeoTIFF for this, so the terrain should be reasonably small as well. This is the only solution available at the moment. The only other alternative is to modify the plugin: add an ellipsoid terrain model, as described in the issue linked above. If you do that, we would welcome a pull request.

Thank you for your answer

I’m looking to achieve a flat terrain without any elevation variations in my Cesium application. My objective is to load only image data and exclude elevation data to ensure that the ground remains consistently flat without any ups and downs. Ive explored the Cesium documentation and settings, but I’m unsure about the precise steps to achieve this.

The basic process is described above. Where are you getting stuck?