Loading tileset from a local directory


I want to load local tileset. According to this tutorial (Step 5): Adding Datasets – Cesium I should add tileset.json.

What is the correct tileset.json structure? And how should raster tiles be organized in the directory (is this just z/y/x?) so cesium could load this local tileset.

Hi @ureadulose,

The structure of your tileset.json can vary depending on its content and its use of bounding volumes. But the 3D Tiles specification is available on Github, and it can probably help you figure out your particular case.

As for your second question, I just want to make sure we’re on the same page. In Cesium for Unreal, imagery is loaded separately from 3D Tiles. So you will have a Cesium3DTileset actor that loads the tileset.json, but you must drape the imagery over the tileset using an overlay component.

For example, Cesium World Terrain only contains 3D elevation data, and by itself it appears as a plain gray color. But we can drape Bing Maps Imagery over it so that it looks like an actual textured earth. The imagery is added via CesiumIonRasterOverlay component, like so:

We support loading Tile Map Service and Web Map Service overlays via URL, but the organization of the raster tiles may depend on the method you’re using. It would help to know those details first.