How to reference list of tileset.jsons through a single tileset.json?

I have a folder of tileset.jsons (they are named like 1.json, 2.json, 3.json, etc).
How do I create a single tileset.json that references each of these? I want to connect to that single tileset.json through Unreal.

Could I get an example of what this would look like?

Hi @geo, welcome to the forum. Here is a simple example of a root tileset.json file that points to two child .json files: (4.6 KB)

You could then use Cesium ion to host your tileset, or you could add it from your local file system if you’re on Windows. There is additional information about that on this page: Adding Datasets – Cesium

I hope this helps. If you’d like to share more about how your data was captured and tiled, we may be able to provide recommendations around that.

@Matt_Boyd-Surka, thanks! That is very helpful.

Follow up question… How are the bounding volumes and geometric errors determined?

For context, I have terrain built from a DEM tif + Cesium Terrain Builder as well as buildings tiled from ESRI. I want to render these all together (2 seperate tilesets), along with some imagery from Ion.

@geo In general, our tilers seek to make the bounding volume as tight around the geometry as possible, but the details would require a much deeper dive. If you let us know what you are looking to achieve, we might be able to provide more specific recommendations. Is it that you are seeking to write your own tilers? Have you tried tiling your terrain and imagery in ion?