Offline Terrain not working

I’ve been banging my head for two days now trying to figure out why this terrain data won’t display in Unity. I point the default Cesium World Terrain object Tileset Source to the layer.json contained within. Everything appears to parse fine (no errors in console). But the terrain isn’t visible and enabling “Show Tiles in Hierarchy” doesn’t show any tiles in Unity’s hierarchy either.

When using the source “From Cesium Ion” the terrrain shows up in Unity as pure white (and does make tiles). The Ion Asset ID for the terrain is: 1679236 (12.2 MB)

The terrain doesn’t include images. In order to see images, you should add a Cesium Ion Raster Overlay (or the Bing Maps Overlay), and then refresh the tileset.

You should be able to see the file locally as well, just make sure the URL is in this format:

Hope this helps.

@joseph.kaile Thanks! It looks like using the file:/// format works just fine.

Do the overlay components require internet access?

The Ion and Bing overlays do. However, you the TMS overlay and WMS don’t require an internet connection.

Thanks. Can you point me in the direction of setting up TMS data locally?

One way is to use GDAL to convert a GeoTiff file to TMS using ( — GDAL documentation).

Thank you I’ll start there!