Custom Geocoder and destination height

When using a custom Geocoder I noticed two issues. As you can see in the linked example, I defined a Cartesian3.fromDegrees() as the target from the result coordinates and an elevation that the camera should take above ground at the destination.

If the Cesium.createWorldTerrain() is activated as terrainProvider in the viewer, the height value there is ignored entirely. If the terrain is also disabled, the altitude is applied, but I have the feeling that this only works up to an altitude of about 200 meters. I need to position the camera 50 meters above ground at the destination. Is this even possible with this way in the linked Sandcastle or is there a bug in Cesium?

I’m not sure this is a bug per-say. Neither of the built-in geocoder services (Bing Maps, Pelias) include height in their returned results. I’m guessing there are assumptions built into many services based on coming from more traditional 2D geospatial contexts.

By default, the function that is called samples the terrain height at the provided latitude/longitude and ignores any specified height from the result. However you can override this function by providing your own destinationFound callback which uses the specified height.