Custom positioning a 3D Tile

Hello everyone, good afternoon.

I need some help with a problem I’m facing.

I’m using a method to position a 3D Tile at a specific coordinate.

At the same time, I’m trying to add a Label and Point entity at the same coordinate. However, they don’t end up in the same place. I’ve tried many different ways and searched for a lot of information, but I haven’t been able to find a conclusive solution. Can anyone help me?

I’ve created a Sandcastle with the code and a sample of what’s happening:


After searching for a lot of information, I’m starting to think that maybe the problem is with the 3D Tile asset. Is there a specific way that they need to be created to avoid them being misaligned?

I’m adding another Sandcastle with an asset from the internet that shows what I need to do. Hopefully this will help you understand the problem better. LINK

I would appreciate any help or suggestions you can provide.

Thank you in advance!