Custom Renderer - Shader Possibilities


i have read post from Hannah, where she gave a tip to write a custom shader.
Does there exist any documentation for this ?

In my project we have a partner with huge know-how in OpenGL and computation on GPU. The partner uses its own datastructures for very fast access to the data and rendering. Is it possible to transfer/transfer this to Cesium? What is the best starting point ? For Rendering the partner uses ray-tracing mechanisms - is there a chance to use this in connection with cesium ?

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Hello Rüdiger,

You can create a custom material by writing a GLSL shader and adding it to our Material class. Here is an example for a checkerboard material:

I don’t know about using ray-tracing in Cesium. Maybe someone else will have pointers there.



Hi Rüdiger, it’s possible to do raytracing in WebGL/GLSL but won’t necessarily be easy to integrate with Cesium. Could you give more details about the type of rendering you are trying to do?

Hi Sean, Hannah,

thank you for the response.

Concerning rendering:

Our partner has it’s own datastructure for a pointcloud and algorithms to search and navigate within this structure.

Rendering a scene, i.e. pointclouds, we discuss posibilities of integration - so I asked here.

One idea was writing a service for the rendering resp. a renderer, but I don’t where is the starting point.

I can deliver more details next week.