Change globe material/shaders


I have searched around here for a similar question or discussion but haven't found anything, so I would like to ask:

Is there a way to change or bypass how the globe is drawn in Cesium?
I have seen how to apply different Imagery layers, and how to change the base color of the globe, even how to show it in wireframe, but what I would like to achieve here is to use a completely custom material with for it.

For example, What if I wanted to make a glass-looking globe?
Is this possible through the public API? Can I for example create a new globe, feed it custom shaders and then use this globe primitive in the viewer?
If not, what parts of the rendering process should I look into modifying to achieve this?


There is a pull request in the works for adding custom material support to the globe, which includes overriding the default shaders. Check it out here:

Thanks, I saw the pull request and have begun making progress already. For the time being I still needed to fiddle around with the shaders for the globe (GlobeFS.glsl and GlobeVS.glsl) to get closer to the result I am looking for.

Which make me think, I could try and add an option to the globe (passed down from viewer creation) for the user to set a completely custom shader if he so wishes.
But I need to think it through better.
Any input is welcome!