Custom Terrain Providers

Hi, I am new to the Cesium website and looking at using Cesium for a project to show a construction site.

**I wish provide the height data and textures and I see mentioned in the documentation terrain providers. **Do I have to use the providers listed or can I write my own custom terrain provider. Or is there even another way to achieve the same result.

Hi Alan,

Take a look at Cesium ion for processing and streaming your terrain and imagery data, see Getting Started with Cesium ion.

Then, for an overview of how to use Cesium ion along with your CesiumJS application, see the first couple sections of the Cesium Workshop Tutorial.



Thank’s Gabby, I’ll take a look

Hi Gabby.

Can you provide any example custom terrain provider implementation for my custom GeoServer? Something like a implementation of TerrainProvider interface. (

I think the simplest terrain provider implementation I can think of is the Ellipsoid one: