Custom vector provider that uses geojson as tiles

I am aware of cesium plugin that uses Mapbox GL JS to render MVT as imagery on cesium canvas (GitHub - kikitte/MVTImageryProvider: A Mapbox style renderer for CesiumJS), and I am also aware of cesium vector 3d tileset (Convert GeoJSON to Cesium 3D Tiles | Data Integration | FME), but both of them has limitations which doesn’t exist in GeoJSON format, the first lack interactivity, and the second is unable to render lines and points because they cannot be represented in 3d.

So, the question is that is it possible to implement a geojson tile provider in which it adds geojson features that falls inside the current view and removes features (entities) that falls outside the view using the same way as the tile system… I assume that the data are already tiled GeoJSONs and can be served using XYZ queries just like imagery. The styling can be interactive in a way that we loop over all visible tiles to apply the new style. The only drawback that I can see is the cost of adding and removing single geojson, because this will be repeated for every tile added or removed.

I know there is a draft called vcrt (3d-tiles/TileFormats/VectorData at vctr · CesiumGS/3d-tiles · GitHub) and I know this is going to be better but I can’t find a tool to generate them and I don’t manage to try implementing it myself.