CustomSensorCone time-varying outer half angle issue

Try plugging in the CZML below into the Cesium Viewer (sorry, my proxy won’t let me attach files.) I’m doing something similar on my project and every machine I’ve tested it on, I get a flickering effect at one of the clock angle slices. I’m assuming it’s either the first or last slice. Does anyone else see this issue? It goes away if I set the outerHalfAngle property to a single value instead of being time-varying.































Hey Eric,

I'll definitely check this out today, if it's a CZML processing issue,
it should be an easy fix.



I can reproduce this easily with your czml, thanks. I see what the
problem is (it's not always rendering the last triangle), but I don't
know why.

The good news is that I have a workaround in the mean time.

Change line 33 of DynamicConeVisualizerUsingCustomSensor.js from

        var angleStep = CesiumMath.toRadians(2.0);
        var angleStep = CesiumMath.toRadians(3.0);

And the problem goes away. This leads me to believe it is some sort
of precision or sampling error, but I can't be for sure. I opened a
new GitHub issue to keep track of it:

Thanks for looking into that so quickly Matt, I’ll plug that in. Just in time for the demo on Monday :slight_smile:

Eric, just an FYI that this has been fixed in pull request 152. It
should be in master by Monday, if not sooner.

Kevin’s fix is in master now.