Camera Glitching when Tracking Object

Hello Cesium Community.

I could use some help with a camera issue I’m experiencing when I run the basic Cesium Ion streaming data from CZML files I generate. I’ve only ever found one other discussion about this issue (Camera glitching when tracking streamed CZML object) and the resolution was rather vague, so I was hoping reach out for assistance here.

My interest is in tracking the position and orientation of a body orbiting Earth.

I have data for this at varying rates over time. Most of the time data points occur once per minute and I have to interpolate each second between points. Despite interpolation being a bit janky, in these periods all is well and I can track the body using the “Focus Camera on Object” functionality (or double clicking the body in Sandbox) without issue . However, over the pole, raw data is available for every second, and no interpolation is needed. In these periods, the camera has a tendency to flip between the current viewing angle and an alternate one randomly, resulting in some very glitchy viewing. I would like to get this to stop happening.

Attached is a sample CZML file that shows this phenomenon (I recommend viewing at ~30x speed).

I’ve been through a lot of debugging so far, and here are my conclusions:
-As I am interpolating on my side before writing the CZML, Cesium should not know the difference, so I doubt this change in itself is causing the issue. In fact exactly the same behavior is observed if no interpolation is done at all.
-There is no improvement if data is trimmed out to a lower rate like once every 5 seconds. The switching seems tied to specific data points, but for the life of me I cannot find anything special about them.
-This behavior is not limited to the poles either. Only to regions of increased raw data rate.
-The linked post mentions the issue was resolved by a “re-worked time stamping system”, however I can’t identify any issues with my timestamps and struggle to understand the affect this would have.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

CZML-CommunityHelp.CZML (502.7 KB)