Camera glitching when tracking streamed CZML object


I have an application that is visualizing real time data of sounding rockets. To track the model that is representing the rocket, I use the standard trackedEntity. Unfortunately, this results in some wierd behaviour of the camera. It seems like it randomly changes its orientation, while still tracking the model.

Since this is an application developed for the company I work with, I cannot share the code used, however, I can show a short gif where the problem is clearly shown ( So my question is: Is this a known behaviour, and if so, are there any workarounds for it?

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HI Johan,

Sorry, I haven’t seen a problem like this before. Is it possible there is some discontinuity in your data?



Hi Hannah,

Thank you for your answer. I actually managed to solve the issue. I didn't manage to fully isolate the problem, but it disapeared when I re-worked time stamping system, so I guess it had to do with inconsistent time stamping.

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Hi Johan,

Glad you were able to fix your problem! Keep us updated if you have any further suspicions about what might have gone wrong – we’re always on the lookout for bugs.


  • Rachel