Entity Tracking Not Working

We are currently using Cesium 1.32 in our application and are experiencing an issue with tracking the entity. This used to work and we aren't 100% sure the cause of this would be. If we double click on an entity, it snaps to the entity just as it should be the camera doesn't actually follow it. The camera snaps to the entity, the entity keeps moving and the camera remains stationary at that point.

I have verified that, when you double click the entity, it is being set as the trackedEntity on the viewer. If I set trackedEntity to null or undefined, the camera results normal use. If I, manually from the developers console in Chrome, set the trackedEntity back to the previously selected object, the camera snaps back to the object but once again remains stationary afterward.

We've been testing this with entities loaded through CZML in our code. One of our devs also manually made an entity that would transition from one point to another and experienced the same thing.

I realize its hard to know exactly what could be going on but, does anyone have any suggestions of where to begin attempting to track this down? What I mean is, is there something that would cause this in Cesium that I'm not aware of? I don't believe it's an issue with Cesium because obviously the CZML examples in the SandCastle work. I'm not sure what would break such a basic capability within Cesium.



Hi David,

It’s a little hard to help debug without having the complete context. It could be a Cesium bug or an issue with your application code. Have you tried updating to the latest version of Cesium? We’ve pushed a few camera changes since then, and it might make a difference.

Otherwise, if you can provide more context, perhaps a code snippet maybe we can isolate the issue.


  • Rachel