Tracked entity and camera position

Is that possible to use tracked entity for 3D model and camera control to mouse point at the same time.
Let me explain my question,
I have developed a real time aircraft tracking from the example Build a Flight Tracker – Cesium
It is working fine in the system. But I’m unable to go to some other location in the map while the flight is moving. I’m able to rotate the 3D object and zoom as well, but the problem is with the tracked entity property I think. When I changed the tracked entity property, then I’m able to go to/zoom to anywhere in the map, but the 3D object is not available for rotation at this time, it is look like a 2d image is moving. I want more control over the map, like zoom to anywhere in the map as well 3D image should be available together.

Please share your thoughts on this @Gabby_Getz @hannah @Erixen_Cruz