Tracking entity from CZML file

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Hi all, sorry in advance for the newbie question (I’m just learning Cesium). I’ve loaded in a CZML file and am trying to use trackedEntity to make the camera follow it, but I’m running into a problem. Instead of actually following it, all my code does is zoom in on its initial position and then stay there. What am I doing wrong?

As a test, I pulled the CZML data from the CZML Path demo in Sandcastle (, saved it as its own file, and pointed the czml variable in the code below at it; it worked perfectly. So it seems like its an issue with the CZML file I’m using, but I can’t figure out what?

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//my code in Cesium

var czml = ‘’; //where I’m loading my file from

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’, {

terrainProvider : Cesium.createWorldTerrain(),

baseLayerPicker : false,

shouldAnimate : true


viewer.dataSources.add(Cesium.CzmlDataSource.load(czml)).then(function(ds) {

viewer.trackedEntity = ds.entities.getById(‘path’);


//A sample of my CZML file – I’ve cut out most of the coordinates, save for a sample, because it’s so long:

[{“id”: “document”, “name”: “AT Demo”, “version”: “1.0”,

“author”: “Adam Roy”, “clock”: {“interval”:

“2019-08-28T01:14:42+00:00/2019-09-02T14:50:51+00:00”, “currentTime”:

“2019-08-28T01:14:42+00:00”, “multiplier”: 1000}}, {“id”: “path”,


“2019-08-28T01:14:42+00:00/2019-09-02T14:50:51+00:00”, “position”:

{“epoch”: “2019-08-28T01:14:42+00:00”, “cartographicDegrees”: [0,

-71.021238, 44.485148, 914.9, 7.0, -71.021165, 44.485176, 915.8,

21.0, -71.021009, 44.485184, 917.7, 26.0, -71.02096, 44.485213,

918.6, 44.0, -71.020767, 44.485203, 921.1, 50.0, -71.020703,

44.485225, 922.2, 70.0, -71.020525, 44.48512, 923.0, /* coordinates removed here */]}, “point”: {“color”: {“rgba”: [255, 255,

255, 255]}, “outlineColor”: {“rgba”: [0, 173, 253, 255]},

"outlineWidth": 6, “pixelSize”: 8, “heightReference”:


3. Context. Why do you need to do this? We might know a better way to accomplish your goal.

I’m trying to make the camera follow a path plotted out by the CZML file

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1.60, MacOS High Sierra, Chrome

Solved. I was using the wrong variable. headdesk

Glad to hear you resolved it - and welcome to the Cesium community!